Ventana Narcastet

A passion for mechanics

A specialist engineering company for parts combining high dimensional and geometrical precision, Ventana Narcastet (historically Micron Précision) masters machining from forgings, castings and laminated metal of all alloy types et particularly high resistance and refractory alloys.

Ventana Argenteuil

Ventana Narcastet manages all the fabrication processes from purchase of materials to delivery of finished components and sub-assemblies. Ventana Narcastet also handles subcontracting operations including special processes (heat and surface treatments, NDT, plasma spraying...).

Ventana Narcastet has always followed a proactive strategy of investment in and renewal of state of the art machinery. In 2011 Ventana Narcastet acquired a DIXI DHP80 continuous 5-axis CUCN with pallets for parts of up to 1 cubic meter.

Integrated in to the Ventana group in 2005, Narcastet offers its services on all markets where high-tech and precision go hand in hand with traceability and quality.

Ventana Narcastet

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