A fast growing
industrial group

Ventana was created in 2003 and has since seen strong organic growth and simultaneously broadened its technological expertise. With a creation or acquisition of a new company on average every year and a half, the Group now consists of 6 companies divided into 2 poles with complementary synergies (mechanical and foundry), in an integrated and evolving organization.

Thanks to strong independent shareholders, Ventana has invested more than 15 M€ (excluding acquisitions and creations) over 10 years to prepare the future to be at the service of its customers. By 2015, we are aiming to achieve a turnover of 100 M€ through success in ambitious international projects.

By choosing to work in partnership with the Ventana Group, you will be participating in a unique manufacturing experience made of sharing and fulfillment. Whether you are a project sponsor or are looking for a motivating professional experience, we are here to listen to your needs and suggestions.